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Our Story

On July 15 of 2022, Caleb Dalby posted on the local Facebook page, 'What's up Waxhaw' the following post;


What up Waxhaw? I am a theatre practitioner. I have 20 years in the theatre as well as a BA in theatre arts. I have been wanting to start a Waxhaw community theatre. I have a very good in with an excellent performance venue. Optimistically I think we could put on our first show this time next year… please DM me if you’re interested. All welcome with any level of interest or experience. If you have experience running a 501C3 not for profit I would love to hear from you.

The response was immediate and exclusively positive. We received our articles of incorporation by the end of the month, our board of directors was formed. We spent months hammering out thorough and sound foundational policy.

Not without struggle did we preserver and succeed in forming a fully documented and staffed 501c3 nonprofit organization, with our first show scheduled, indeed, to be performed on the anniversary of our founding.

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